When your business is faced with the following questions ask us how we can help.

  • How should we define our requirement?
  • How do we ensure new initiatives stay on course, within budget and delivered on-time?
  • How do we efficiently satisfy stakeholders' need for information?

We apply proven project management principles to support your unique needs. As qualified project management professionals (PMP) we will bring your project to a successful conclusion. Whether you are defining the scope of your project, or you need help transitioning a project to ongoing operations of your business, Acquisition Experts will help you succeed.

Projects outside of ongoing business operations

If you are proving a concept, we will provide due diligence and sound project management principles to determine the feasibility of the product, service, or processes your organization is considering. If your concept is proven we can manage it to a tangible result. Typically a project outside of the ongoing business will use a mixture of shared and dedicated resources. Working across an organization to leverage both shared and dedicated resources while managing cost requires the skill and experience of a team like Acquisition Experts.

Projects within ongoing business operations

We can manage projects to a successful completion that are part of ongoing operations. Acquisition Experts has the experience to manage the technical aspects of projects such as developing test plans and coordinating shared resources. Usually managing project cost, schedule, and resources to metrics will determine a project's success. Acquisition Experts understands that achieving success in a project also requires engaging stakeholders every step of the way.

Contact us to recieve a copy of our capability statement to understand how we have helped clients succeed in delivering their initiatives on-time and on-budget.