We helped other organizations solve the following problems:

  • How do we get our business partners to provide better service?
  • How do we select the right vendor?
  • What tools are available to help us efficiently update stakeholders on contract information?

Acquisition Experts has solved these and similar business challenges and we are sure we can help your business too. We provide pre-award, post-award, and contract operations support to government and commercial clients.

Pre-award support

Preparation is necessary in any worthwhile endeavor. Finding the right vendor to help you compete more effectively is no different. It begins with defining the requirement. We will work with your stakeholders to define the requirement to acquire the products and services you need to run your business or to compete in the marketplace. As the requirement is being defined we will perform the due diligence to identify what is usual and customary in the marketplace. This market research helps to identify the right vendor to meet your needs. Acquisition Experts will also prepare the documents to meet all policy and regulatory requirements in contracting in your particular environment.

Post-award support

After a contract is let, ongoing management is required. Ensuring that the service that was defined in the contract is actually delivered requires a partner like Acquisition Experts to manage your post-award support. Also it is not uncommon to need to modify a contract after performance begins. We will monitor performance and if conditions or the requirement changes, we will draft contract modifications to ensure performance continues to meet your business needs. Finally, we work with the client's finance team to ensure the contract accounting is reconciled every step of the way.

Contract operation support

If your organization has a contracts team that serves as the hub of all contract actions it can seem overwhelming at times. We can serve as your contract operations section or we can provide personnel to augment your staff. Within contract operations teams Acquisition Experts has provided clients help by: developing requirements and the subsequent development of the performance work statement; and by developing customized tools to track the breadth of contracts and spending related to various organizations. We also will work with key stakeholders in other functional areas to ensure effective communication and coordination is taking place to track performance across your contracts.

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